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£66,000 2021
Born To Fail - Exeter Uni
Intermediate Children and Young People

Research into children left behind in education.

£70,000 2021
Refugee Charity
Discretionary Hospices, Armed Forces and Welfare

In support of the new Educational Wellbeing programme to provide mental health and casework support to refugee children and young people whose acute needs are preventing them from accessing and thriving in education.

£47,500 2021
Toynbee Hall
Discretionary Hospices, Armed Forces and Welfare

To be used towards their core programme of emergency advice and crisis support over 6 months.

£250,000 2021
Royal Start and Garter Homes
Strategic Hospices, Armed Forces and Welfare

In support of the creation of visiting rooms for families and residents of the homes, training of key staff, funding of Physiotherapy and speech therapy and other services.

£300,000 2021
Construction Youth Trust
Strategic Children and Young People

To support the CYT schools engagement programme including, without limitation, running of the should engagement programme, the employment of persons to carry out the above, the operation of the Monday Bursary Fund and other serves covered in the agreement.

£250,000 2021
Mental Health Foundation
Strategic Mental Health

Supporting MHF’s COVID-19 recovery and empowerment programme including, the support and protection of the mental health of at-risk communities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the employment of persons to carry out the above

£300,000 2021
Maudsley CUES-Ed digital
Strategic Mental Health

Supporting the Maudsley Charity’s role in supervising the delivery of the CUES-Ed digital programme by South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, developing, testing and evaluating the CUES-Ed digital programme, - coordinating with schools in relation to the use of the CUES-Ed digital programme and the employment of persons to carry out the these and other factors included in the grant agreement.

£130,544 2020
Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care
Strategic Hospice care

Phyllis Tuckwell is a service for adult patients, and their families, living with cancer or another advanced or terminal illness. This grant supported their patient outreach service

£225,000 2020
Sutton Trust
Strategic Social mobility

The Sutton Trust champions social mobility through programmes, research and policy influence. This grant related to the UK Summer Schools Programme, the US Programme and Pathways to Profession Programme.

£334,920 2020
UK Youth
Strategic Children and young people

UK Youth is a leading charity that exists to ensure all young people are equipped to thrive and empowered to contribute at every stage of their lives. This grant supported the Future Proof Programme