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We map our grants and social investments against our funding priorities. This helps us monitor and learn from our funding over time. It allows us to spot and understand emerging trends in the underlying sector and will also help guide our decisions around exit.

Public benefit

The Charity exists and operates for public benefit. Through our grantmaking we aim to improve life chances for people in the UK.

The Trustees have referred to the Charity Commission’s general guidance on public benefit when reviewing the Charity’s aims and objectives and in planning future activities and setting grantmaking policy for the year.

GRANT PROGRAMMESWe carry out three types of grantmaking

Grantmaking FAQs

  • Does the Charity accept unsolicited applications?

    The Charity does not accept unsolicited applications. The Trustees seek out Charities they wish to support and will invite those charities to apply for a grant.

  • Does the Charity accept applications by email?

    If a charity is invited to apply for funding for a discretionary grant there is a form which must be used for this application (Discretionary grant application form). The Board member who has proposed the recipient must be mentioned in the application. The form can be submitted by email and or by post to the Charity Administrator.

  • What types of project are considered for Intermediate or Strategic grants?

    Intermediate or Strategic grants are generally for particular projects. At least one trustee will make contact with the applicant and would normally visit the proposed project too. The proposed applicant would be asked to provide a full written application, by email and/or post, setting out the proposal and use of the funds requested over the period of the grant. The timing for the receipt of the proposal will be agreed so that it can be considered by the Board.

  • When are proposals considered by the Board?

    All proposals are considered by the Board at their meetings, usually in the Autumn. Following this, the proposed recipients will be invited in to present their application to the Board. If they are successful, they will be informed and any paperwork will be circulated for completion.

  • Does the Charity mind being acknowledged by successful applicants in publications?

    The Charity is happy to be included in publications and if needed the appropriate logo for this can be requested from the General Manager or Administrator. Details of the use of the logo can be found on our Grantholders page

  • What commitment is given to grantees by the Charity?

    Trustees will normally follow up an Intermediate or Strategic grant with at least one visit to the project and encourage recipients to remain in contact throughout the term of the project.