News |1 January 2021

Covid-19 update

As the Trustees became aware of the crisis created by the Covid-19 pandemic, they convened an emergency meeting to review funds available for emergency grants.

After consideration of the crisis, the Trustees decided to make several emergency Grants falling into the following categories:

  • Approaching organisations that we have supported in the past, especially those to whom significant grants have been paid, to support them through this emergency. The Charity contacted each of them to understand their outlook and requirements with a view to making unrestricted grants to support them through this period.
  • Supporting the Coronavirus crisis funds.
  • Organisations which would normally fall outside the social aims, but which carry on valuable work, could be supported with unsecured interest free loans repayable in 3 to 5 years’ time. This would be subject to confirmation that a) their pre Covid business model was robust; and b) all financial support packages have been properly taken up.
  • Supporting frontline NHS staff with a view to maintaining staff morale, improving resilience, relieving burnout and meeting other needs as required.

The total of emergency Grants paid to date is £1.875m. View our grant recipients.